The Nine Points of Fate Picture

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Originally posted on Oct 12, 2007:

Ah...this is a ROUGH ROUGH version of the symbol of's something I've been developing in my own little mythology that permeates across almost all of my fanfic and roleplay writing. >.> The premise is that Fate is a deity, a goddess-but-not--she's the Weaver, if you will, the Weaver of the Pattern of the Ages (Wheel of Time reference >.> ) that the Creator fashioned at the dawn of Time.

Things don't always go well for Fate. There is a pesky little thing that the Creator gave His children, those with sentient cognizance, and that is the Power of Choice. Now Choice is a lovely thing, except when it messes with the Weaving of the Pattern. So in order to make sure that Existence doesn't get unraveled and the Pattern can be woven properly, Fate has her elite corps of cronies called the Travellers. She sends them from universe to universe, protecting the people who are important threads in the Pattern and making sure that events go as the Pattern dictates. These Travellers are, in some ways, outside the Pattern itself; that makes it easier for Fate to move them around.

But there are nine things...objects and people...that are Fate's greatest tools. These nine things, when united, can channel the forces of Fate to a world-shattering degree...or world-making degree, as the case may be. They're Fate's backup plan, basically, if things should get SO messed up that She needs to put her foot down. Unfortunately, Fate is forbidden from interfering directly with anyone's Power of Choice, but if she channels Her will through other beings, anything can happen. The Nine Points united are useless by themselves, until Fate channels through them--THEN, they can be used to remake whole chunks of Existence.

But of course, in the wrong hands, the Nine Points can also be used to a devastating, catastrophic effect. The Chaos Fiend would LOVE to get his claws on these nine, because HE could channel through them, too. Bad stuff.

In short, the Nine Points are the keys to remaking or destroying the Multiverse, because that is the power with which Fate has endowed them. And that is why Fate's symbol is the Nine Points.

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Posted in Scraps because I CANNOT FREAKIN' DRAW, not even when I'm just pixelating stuff in Paint. T_T

EDIT: Forgot to include this little bit: the Nine Points are each named after one of the aliases of the goddess Fate. These names are taken from Greek, Norse, and Latvian mythology; in each of these mythologies, the Fates were sometimes referred to as three separate female entities and sometimes as one single female entity, giving Fate a whole lot of names.

North Point: Wyrd
South Point: Norn
East Point: Verdandi
West Point: Skuld
North-West Point: Clotho
North-East Point: Lachesis
South-West Point: Atropos
South-East Point: Laima
Center Point: Moera
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