Destiny and Fate finished Picture

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Destiny is the one with the black eyepatch and dark hair. Fate is the one with the smiley-face eyepatch and dirty blonde/light brown hair

Basic info

Names: Destiny and Fate
Gender: Both Female
Relationship: Sisters
Eye colours: Fate; originally green, now blue. Destiny; blue
Hair colours: Fate; dirty blonde/light blonde. Destiny: Dark blue
Age: ???

Decide on wether this happens to people. Like, if you win or lose the lottery. Or go to jail.

No one knows when fate and destiny were born, the girls can't even remember themselves.
Fate and Destiny look young because they found the Fountain of Youth.

The eye patches:
Fate fell in love with a human man when she was younger. Yet, Zeus, the god of the gods, feared this would mean Fate would shun others over him, and even give him riches he didn't deserve, or let him live forever. Even letting him become stronger then him.

As punishment for her "favorism", Zeus had both of her eyes taken out, leaving her blind. Destiny, shocked, decided to give her sister one of her eyes, because fighting Zeus to get her eyes back would be impossible.

Greek mythology, anime, the gray sisters

Character alignment: Fate; Chaotic Neutral. Destiny; Lawful Neutral
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