Persephone-The Gathering of Flowers- Picture

This one is inspired by the Greek godess Persephone.
I think I've always liked her, or her name, so I thought "Time to paint you..."
And here she is!
I decides to use bright colours to represent Spring, the time when
Persephone is back on Earth. I also gave her flowers in her hair to give her a fresh
and alive appearance although she lives in the Underwold with Hades.
It's inspired by two songs.
Song 1 (Persephone (The Gathering of Flowers)): [link]
Song 2 (Dark Venus Persephone): [link]

Dark Venus Persephone
by- Therion

Together in the Underworld, Hades & Persephone
Daughter of Ceres, a tragic fate.
It fell to your lot the day you ate
apples from the Elysian Fields.

Persephone in Underworld

Forever in the Underworld, the fate of Persephone
Only the Summer will set you free.
But you'll be forced back to your husband
when you taste the pomegranate juice.

Persephone in Underworld

Inside the Underworld
Inside the Ice & Winter snow
In the water of Cyane
your girdle float

Underworld Venus Persephone
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