Superverse Wind Sister Picture

So here we have the first result of the hero poll! she's the first new one, and I hope you all like, as most voted for Russia, you can expect related themes in her profile below:

Hero Name: Wind Sister (Veter Sestra in Russian)
real name: Alyona Volkov
age: 26
civilian job: archaeologist
powers: wind manipulation, and some weather-related ability
info: Alyona is a young Russian who, before the tragic event, lead a fairly normal life within the then-USSR, so our view of her story begins with that fateful day. She had been an enthusiastic member of a Soviet archaeological team that, on hearing rumors of the possible discovery of the mythic island of Buyan in the Baltic Sea, and the added possibility of a mysterious power source there, rushed to investigate, before the strange energy readings from the area could draw the attention of the capitalist world. Much to their delight, Alyona and her team did succeed in finding the mythic isle, said to be the home of the three brethren, the North, East and West winds, also the source of all weather, but in their haste, most of the crew failed to notice the mysterious island once again beginning to disappear, and in their haste, their ship was caught up in the swelling seas around it, and as Alyona clung to a nearby pipe, the ship was engulfed by a huge wave. she then woke with a sudden jump, spitting out sea water, she saw no sign of the ship she had arrived here on, save some miscellaneous wreckage, looking around, dazed and confused she eventually rose to her feet and began combing the beach for her comrades. Alyona dragged on, finding none alive, but she knew she had to continue moving somewhere or she would eventually join them. her path eventually came to lead her in-land, where she stumbled, through the wooded hills, onto a rise that suddenly revealed the sight of her life to her, it was indeed the home of the three Winds. as the years passed, on this timeless isle, without aging, Alyona had quickly adapted to her new life here, taken in by the brothers, who, over time came to take interest in her, and over time, she was even granted control over the winds, becoming a sort of human "sister" to the three, she had now become ready for the next great twist in her story. after a heartfelt goodbye, the three decided to send her back to her original homeland, as many Earth years had passed by now, yet Alyona no older for it, it was decided that she could bring much back to her people, and so Alyona returned to modern Russia, and after taking some time to acclimate to the new state, she quickly used her powers to establish a new identity for herself, that of a heroine, 'Sister of the Wind', or 'Wind Sister'.

there you have it! she is done, I hope you all like her, and in case any are wondering, I based most of her outfit off of Russian Strelets, and some from other traditional Russian clothing. also, her arms are covered by an undersuit, so they're not bare or anything, and she's wearing a long strelet-like coat. as well as a small mask around her eyes. she was fun to work on, especially since she's a very non-stereotypical superhero universe Russian character, and she is rooted in mythology, so it was quite different to do.
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