Big Fire Picture

Now normally I try to be the responsible adult and draw Xara in a dignified forward view. However, part of me is still that 16 year old with a pencil. Yes, it's booty time. ^_^;

This sketch has a few features that are new for me. First I forgot Xara's horns! I forgot her tabard too! Ooops. Sorry about that! I got distracted...

More scales. Now, Xara would like nothing more than to have smooth dark skin like her best friend Carla. But fate created Xara as a dragoness. Xara's scales are actually a silverish violet tone. But given my limitations as an artist you get what I typically end up with as a violet "Barney" color.

I haven't really spent too much time in the story fleshing out Xara's past or the mythology of dragons in Dragonaur. I really should correct that problem but it will have to wait for now.

Also, subtile but very new for me is the shape of Xara's legs. I believe it was [link] who's art I was studying when I noticed in either [link] or [link] when I realized that I'm way too uptight! Er, I mean, I realized that drawing Xara's legs straight from the knee down is actually not entirely necessary! Check those divinations, hey wait come back! ...

Ok, after raiding Jolly Jack's divinations you'll see that this is a fellow who makes it all look so easy and yet there's detail after detail in those sketches. After recovering from instant feelings of inferiority, I did my best to try this out on my very next sketches.

In a recent appraisal of my art, Radioactive-Newt or Quixotic-Kitty, as she is now is known, mentioned that the waists on my characters are many sizes too thin. Now the Grinch had a heart that was 2 sizes too small and it was bad for his health. Also, I'm prone to drawing pencil necks. But I'm sorry to say that I'm rather hung up on "wasp waists" and I'm likely to suffer this malady to my dying days. I do attempt to balance that issue tho' I can't say I'm always successful. It's crazy how you can be so happy with a piece of art one day and then completely dissapointed by it another. I have those days. Don't expect any improvements in that area.

Please Enjoy!
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