Amateran Picture

Yup, it's Amateran.
Amateran (Ah-mah-ter-on) (#150)
Heavens Pokemon.
1673 lbs.
Ability: Guardian--If any member in your party is at low health, this Pokemon's attack and sp. attack is raised by 1 point for each memebr like this.
Exclusive move: Heavenly Sphere
Does not evolve
Pokemon Destiny Dex Entry: A legend says that this Pokemon formed the earth but gave another Pokemon its role of watching over the world.
Pokemon Soul Dex Entry: A legend about it says that it will only appear before the hero of fate.
Pokemon Fate Dex Entry: Legends say it created the world and it has slept until the hero of fate comes forth to do their duty.
Fun fact: The true original one, but it gave Arceus its role of watching over the world. It will only awaken when the hero of fate comes forth when the world is put into peril.
Base origin: Based off a fox or wolf, and also based off yin and yang.
Name origin: A re-spelling of Amaterasu; a god of Japanese mythology.
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