OC: Nine-Tailed Fox Picture

An original character of mine, a nine-tailed fox, or gumiho 구미호, in Korean. He's supposed to look much, much prettier than this, but my lack of skills doesn't allow that to happen.

His name is Eun-hwa 은화, and his life as a "real" gumiho starts when he's 25 in human years. There's a background story behind this, but it's still very full of holes.

구미호 are nine-tailed foxes of legend. One version says that it changes into a beautiful (wo)man and seduces people to eat their liver, of which if they eat enough they too will become a human. That's the basic story that I know.
At 7, this wandering aristocrat (22, male, scholar, no name yet) picks up an orphaned Eun-hwa in the middle of the woods. For the next 18 years, they live together. The aristocrat teaches Eun-hwa everything he knows, and Eun-hwa grows up almost like nobility, meaning he can read, write, engage in philosophical discussions, ride horses, use a sword, handle bow and arrow, and act like nobility. Except his teacher is sorta-not-really a poor aristocrat who'd left his estate to live the peasant life in some random town. So in addition to knowing how to act noble, Eun-hwa knows how to work hard and be humble. The first 11 years or so, the relationship is strictly teacher-student, and maybe brotherly. The remaining 7 years...a) they remain that way, or b) the relationship gets more..."romantic and/or sexual". I'm a lover of M/M slash, so, yeah. :3 Either way, the aristocrat ends up being sentenced to death by the governor by poison, because he was an aristocrat and aristocrats' death sentences are poison, not beheading. His crime...I don't know (plot hole!). But he dies. And Eun-hwa is f*cked up after that event and his "beastly side that the gods had willed" emerges and he kills everyone in the governor's estate and flees to the nearby mountainside to haunt it for however long. He was always a gumiho, but the death of the person most important to him (how cliche) is the final catalyst to his really becoming the creature. And yeah. He hides away in the woods in the mountain in a random, hidden house which can only be found by chance. Whenever a lost traveler has the misfortune to stumble upon his house, he pretty much seduces them (somehow, I mean, not all guys are attracted to other guys, no matter how pretty...must be the power of the gumiho) and plays around and maybe even copulates with him (or her, in rare cases) before he kills them. It's up the the poor traveler to behave if he wants a painless death. Eun-hwa eats human livers (has to consume somewhere in the 100-5000s, not sure yet) to become human himself. Somehow, he feels the reincarnation of his teacher will come to him, so he wants to be human for that. Yeah, huge plot hole. But yes. The "reincarnation" appears. But then the end is really tragic, I'm pretty sure. A) Eun-hwa and the mysterious reincarnation die at pretty much the same time, B) the reincarnation dies and then Eun-hwa kills himself, C) vice versa of B, D) Eun-hwa dies and the reincarnation just goes on with his life, or E) Eun-hwa is tortured to death (for some reason or another) and the reincarnation goes on with life with a huge figurative hole in his heart. Right...I'm pretty sure. But if it's Fate and the Gods that work here, then the ultimate end would have both of them dying at the same time or the survivor dying because of heartache or something. Yeah, and somewhere between Eun-hwa and his killing and the death of both, there needs to be a stage of "recognition, mercy, seduction, sex (opt), love, confusion, misunderstanding, sort-of revelation, and 'I love you but I need to go I'll come back', violence, chases, discovery, and 'caught! we are so dead'"-ness. Yep...

Right...anyway, yeah, I need to work on anatomy. And foxes and giving them nine tails. I think he came out pretty decent, though, in terms of his looks and expression.

EUN-HWA belongs to Yours Truly.
구미호 belongs to Asian mythology.
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