REM - Lydie Yuen Picture

Name: Lydie Yuen
Age : 14
Gender : Female
Race : Lucid | Human
Ethnicity : ABC – American Born Chinese
Weapon : Her semblance is a scaled wand/wand designed to be a part spear in case of melee attacks. The red spheres on the circular area of the wand are most likely the core of her semblance. Its idle form is in just a form of a silver ring wore in her right thumb.
Magic: Light, she mainly uses her magic for helping/buffing/healing out people she meets in REM. In offense, the three red spheres of her semblance, releases 3 differently colored light, blue, red, yellow. For them to attack the blue light tracks where the 'enemy' is then the rest follows.
Blue: Ailments, Red: Guard, Yellow: Heal
Organization : Trance
Personality :
Lydie is a very honest girl, she is down to earth and would immediately comment if she thinks something is wrong. To other people, they may consider her as a motherly person. She could be easily trusted with anything and is someone who can give you a useful advice when needed.
On the other side, she has a slight disturbing unpleasant personality. She is a control freak, she isn’t bi-polar nor have a split personality but she seems like someone from the ordinary if she plans something, everything should be according to plan, no mistakes are tolerated.
When you get into her loving side, it will probably be more dangerous than to be someone she dislikes. Once she loves you, she will love you FOREVER, you can’t escape. No matter what you do, you’ll be loved, loved in a stalker-ish sadistic and masochistic way. And she shall follow you and force you to love her forever and ever and ever etc.
Likes : Everything and Anything, LOVE.
Dislikes: Imperfection.
Hobbies: Singing, Acting, Playing Video Games (especially Otome and BL games), stalkingLOVING.

“I want to love and be loved.”
Lydie would have proudly proclaimed “I was killed by my lover epicly.”, but instead she stumbled upon a fate which isn’t even worth to be a good drama. No lover to suicide or angst about her loss, and no death at all. As a fan of Asian dramas and Shakespeare an unusual tragic and romantic ending would have made her happy, but in her life’s drama she didn’t attained ‘romance’ just the unusual tragic ending. As her role was to be the person whom disappears in the middle of the show, it wasn’t something a heroine would be or would like. She loved but wasn’t loved back, in a way a heroine should have.

She was a drama queen, besides watching dramas, she participated on a lot of acting and school plays, and it was her passion. But she wasn’t accepted in the community, her career had to be a ‘Singing in the Rain’ and let supposed credits be taken out of her. She has an outstanding singing voice, too bad she didn’t have the ‘star quality’, and so they had decided for her to be a voice dub for someone else. Perhaps it wasn’t the best choice, but she figured a dramatic twist will happen in her life, so she let it be.

Fate always decides that a heroine will fall in love with a prince, a prince whom will save her from all sorts of sadness. In her case, a prince who loves another woman, to add to the oddity, he was in fact a stalker. Prince apparently is in love with Lydie’s witch, the person whom uses her voice Ursula. She remained optimistic while knowing these facts; she viewed the positive side of this situation. To be a Cinderella.

So her plans to obtain the prince’s heart was carefully planned, no mistakes were tolerated. Befriend him, be someone irreplaceable, those were the simplest steps that has been proven repeatedly in dating games, and she had done them, perfectly according to plan. And the stage of her telling the boy the truth was at hand, and so she did. And it failed, instead of her plan of him loving her because of the truth about her voice, it went to him hating her for ’lying’.

“Heroines never lie…”

And her plans failed, mistakes weren't tolerated but it failed. As worse comes to worst, the boy have lost it. He had considered Lydie’s truth into a deception, a lie, an insult, and no one insults the woman he loves. So he tried to erase her 'existence', threw stuff and hit her. To the point her neck got damaged and fell into a coma. So much for all the efforts and being irreplaceable…

“I should have been loved back.”


Sorry I'm a bad writer /sob
At least I tried my best : D

I got really sucked into creating her history once i got her main personality, it was really fun to create her 'tragic' past~

I drew her about a month ago(less) when the information about REM appeared. So the style I have back then is petty much a little different from now =..=

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