Flight From Azkaban Picture

Eluvia Aniviel flees the oppressive and horrible confines of Azkaban Prison together with her mother, Morfiwen. Eluvia had been falsely imprisoned by The Ministry Of Magic for animating an Inferious to do her bidding and kill a Muggle. She was found over the dying body of a young girl who had been the victim of The Cruciatus Curse cast by one, by Antonin Dolohov, but who later died because of her injuries. Eluvia had been following Dolohov invisibly, (She is the only known Fae wizard at Hogwarts and in charge of her specialty which is the world of Fae Magic.) as she is Fae and invisibility is second nature to her and her race. Upon reaching the crime scene, she found Dolohov casting the curse and tried to stop him, but she was not strong enough and as a result, Dolohov escaped before The Ministry could arrive. When they did finally show up they discovered Eluvia bent over the young girls body trying to save her, but of course to them they could only see the obvious and immediately escorted her away to Azkaban without trial.

Morfiwen, upon hearing of her daughters fate is overcome with dread! Not so much at the thought of Dementors tormenting her precious daughter, as they have little or no effect on the Fae race, but more so due to the fact that any Fae who loses their freedom for any length of time will surely die from the lack of it! So, Morfiwen sets out to free her daughter before it becomes too late!

Now, Morfiwen is what is know as an Animagus and can transform herself into a particular animal, but she soon discovers that becoming just any animal will not be enough to break into Azkaban and get Eluvia out without a struggle. She decides to seek out The Grand Banshee of the Fae and beg her of an Inestimable Boon (a favour which comes with a very high price)! The boon is granted, but the price is terrible! Once transformed she will not be able to return to her Fae form and will be destined to a life of her chosen transformation!
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