Speedpaint - Ergo Proxy Picture

Cogito Ergo Sum. ( I think, therefore I am.)
~Ergo Proxy.

I Loved this anime. Does anybody have any other recommendations that go into this direction?
( Since I'm sick again, I need anime to entertain me while in bed =_=' )
In my own opinion this was an anime actually for more of the adults. Mindfuck alltheway, with stunning artwork, stunning music (this is my favorite track her: [link]), and an entertaining storyline that requires brain to follow along. I'm so sick and tired of the overrated moe, kawaiidesudesu and unecessary drama, with stupifying love plots and mindless action that leads to nowhere.
I loved the use of philosophical aspects of this anime, backing up with stupendous use of greek mythology and the constant wtf-moments, which had a great symbolic behind it. The character development was aboslutely awesome.

Here perhaps a few brainless analyzation typings of mine. WARNING. Contains Spoilers. (I was so urged to type like this. Haven't had in a while.)

_________________________________Personal Analysis
Ergo proxy and it's beautiful mindfuck.
Vincent. pityful character who proved himself strong at the end of the series.
I personally thought of this character as a fail dope who was made much or awesome through ergoy proxy himself. Much ado, I never believed of the twist of ends that fated this anime, I personally came to sympathize with him much more in his final moments. Much to his dismay, his other ego purposely created him to be the image of a loser.
A loser who still remained to have the feeling of responsibility inside of him, even though wiping his memories was purposed to delete these feelings. "A Shadow" he was called.
Psychologically, you would want to delete your past, to stay sane, if too much to bear. So this deleted self, split himself AGAIN, to maintain sane with what he was burdened with.
I basically, saw a ongoing cycle of one passing his burdens to the other. Over and over. Foreseeing destruction only to retribute.

But since we have a sci-fi flick here, the main character had the ability to control this deleted past of him, detaching those feelings. That of which developed a mind of his own.
The main carrier has, much to his own grief, no control, since he deserted these feelings. Ironic with the fact that, the main carrier saw himself as in control, which he was not because he split himself in two.
A character with this type of development was absolutely astonishing to me. [...]
This anime had "Schizophrenia" at its best. But alas, at the end, it was still Vincent is Vincent, no matter what kind of manipulation was made.

The anime emphasized on that one essence many of us suffer from: The search for the truth, rephrased as the search for our true selves.
So the main psychological target of this anime was, our identity and our "destiny".
It's philosophical aspect challenged these perspectives of what has a soul, what has not, what do we live for, is it worth it and what do we actually gain from all this crap of a mess.
I was happy to see this semi-happy end, but you were left with a tragiically hopeful feeling, due to the cliffhanger.
I was happy to see that the main character challenged the ways of reality, even through sickening depressing and burdening moments, to stay true to himself and continue on and NOT run away from it.

In the end, the anime was basically trying to teach the viewer that we still have control of what wish to be destined for, even if we were created for a certain purpose.
Loved it.

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