Death of your World Tree Picture

First off Widdershin does NOT belong to me, he belongs to his creators.
As you can see this is Widdershin from Tales of the world Radiant Mythology! I've beaten the game 3 times now, and am playing it again. Any who, let me explain this.
For those you have played the game know that Widdershin's goal in the game is to rid your World Tree of its mana and consume your world into Gulguim (I butchered that I know). Well, he's done this to many worlds, and the thought came to me "I bet Widdershin watches as the tree dies in the world Gulguim is eating." And thus this came into being. I used the "leaf" thing again, and it suits the name.
Widdershin is basically underneath the tree that is getting its mana sucked away. Thus the leaves are turning black as well as the grass. You can see some green leaves and a patch of green grass that are soon to meet the same fate.

I hope the ppl who look at this like it. Please comment. The good and bad are accepted.
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