Back In Time Picture

Another rp purpose character for Avengers, but an incarnation of my main oc that knew one of the main characters before in a past life.

-Probably derived from Old Norse ið "again" and unna "to love". In Norse mythology Iðunn was the goddess of spring and immortality whose responsibility it was to guard the gods' apples of youth. (Not the exact same Goddess, Idunn is named after her.)
-Female Goddess of Asgard before death. Elemental warrior though she used her abilities little, and had a slight talent with wielding Knives/Throwing Daggers/One-Handed Blades. (With daggers however Loki always proved to be more adept.)
-Tanned skin, Dark brown/black brunette hair, and a light shade of crystal blue eyes, with specks of brown.
-Intended lover was Thor, until fate saw otherwise.
-Death caused by an unknown source, as they never figured out the murderer.
-Reincarnated into the present, Midgard/Earth human, Kiri. No recollection of past life or abilities what-so-ever.

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