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In ancient Greek mythology the Dragon of Boeotia was once an ambitious and cruel prince named Abas, crown prince of Eleusis. For mocking Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest, he was turned into a helpless lizard. When the Three Fates recommended him to be the destruction of mankind, he was turned into the fierce king of dragons by feasting on the shoulder bone of the buried Uranus. This flesh fed and nourished Abas who became the fearsome king of all dragons. [link]

Update: This fire painting was featured in a DA news article called: The Best of the Feed

Note: all the photos in this series have no software enhancements or manipulations, just the simple use of props and of course real fire.

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This is first in this series, this entry and version 4 are my personal favorites.

Version 2

Version 3

Version 4

(For anyone interested in knowing how I accomplished this shot, this was all done in my bathroom in a cast iron bathtub. The iron tub was lined with black towels that were totally soaked with water and virtually no light present except for the occasional burst of flames provided by atomizing rubbing alcohol with a refillable squirt bottle. I then had to time it just at the exact moment the shutter opened. This wasn't as easy as it seems because the flames only would last for a fraction of a second and a longer exposure was completely inadequate to fully capture the glory of the miniature explosion. The dragon and castle is a small ornately detailed ceramic statue-fountain which I had laying around the house, very cheap one actually. Nothing was ever set on fire in capturing these shots as the atomized alcohol burns so rapidly that it never had an opportunity to burn for more than a second before vanishing. I also had a shower nozzle nearby but really it wasn't necessary with all the wet towels)

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