Fenrir Final with Mask Picture

Final Fenrir! After two days of drawing with my new pen tablet with that pen tool and coloring the base colors! I'm tried and my back hurts a bit. Lolz, jk.... but not on the back part.

Anyway, this is Fenrir. She will be featured in my little (long) doujinshi thats a cross with Naruto, Okami, Kingdom Hearts, Sly Cooper, Klonoa, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Eternia, Avater: The Last Airbender... yeah, ALOT of stuff. But hey! Doujinshi! Hello!

Ok, Data:

Name: Fenrir
Age: Unknown
Birth: Norse Mythology (I know Fenrir is actually a male! DON'T YELL AT ME OR THE GREMLIN GETS YOU!!!)
Symbols: Sun and the Moon
(Reason: He/r sons chased the carriages of the sun and moon in the heavens)
Job: Assassin/Demon of the Northern Lands

History in Doujinshi:
Still the same Fenrir in mythology reborn in Wep'keer, she follows the tradition of the village to hide her identity. Her placement in the Doujinshi is a servant under Amaterasu after going on a rampage in Nippon's past.

Her mask is of Anubis, somewhat symbolizing fates on the missions, death.

Her mood swings alot. When she is serious, it's best not to push her buttons. She won't hesitate to get a kunai out of her bag or unsheath her sickle. (Then again, she can slip you that poison on her belt, hehehe) Fenrir perfers to stay away from people half the time to keep from making friends but has some strong affinity for little kids, caring for them greatly.

Well, now I have practiced with the pen tool a bit, so I have to do that ShikaIno pic and then the picture for SuicidalBlood (yeah, I didn't forget, don't worry!). You might see a scrap pic of the doujinshi soon.
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