A hunter's best friends Picture

Artemyss relaxing with some of her fateful and fearless battle companions in a Darnassus Inn.

So I wanted to do a drawing of my awesome night elf hunter Artemyss from the online game World of Warcraft by Blizzard. I drew some of my favorite pets and the ones I use the most. As you can see none of them are even exotic...yup that's how I roll, common pets need love too!

From left to right, top to bottom:
Medusa: Arcane wyrm (arcane serpent) - recently acquired but I love her, pretty cool looking
Horuss: Diseased hawk (undead eagle/hawk) - use him mostly for pvp whenever I don't use Selket
Rudhira: Terrorpene (ancient lava turtle) - she's my tank, and a pretty awesome one too!
Luna: Spearfang worg (saber worg) - she's fierce and fearless, usually use her when I'm in a group with a hunter that has a cat
Erebus: Duskfang (saber cat) - my go-to pet, my favorite of favorites, my loyal friend
Fluffy: Nightsaber stalker (nightsaber) - he was my first pet ever and even though I don't use him anymore I had to add him to this drawing
Selket - Stonelash flayer (scorpid) - my pvp pet, melee hate me
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