Hitsujimon Armor Evolution Picture

Warning - huge picture and lots of text.
Hitsujimon and Wolfphoemon are the only one of my monsters I've had enough inspiration to make unofficial Armors (I tried with few others but it didn't work out), so I drew and colored all Hitsujimon's unofficial Armor forms too. And just like with Wolfphoe, these don't have attacks, 'cause it'd be a waste. I'm pleased with these monsters, but I have to say, my favorites are Incendiumon, FlaBeemon, VanShuryômon and Kunaimon.
Monsters from up to down, left to right.

Name Origin: Latin. Incendium = fire.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Fire.
Family: Dragon's Roar, Nightmare Soldiers.
Evolution: Hitsujimon + the Digiegg of Courage.
Info: Incendiumon is a monster which is constantly on fire. He has a wicked nature and enjoys fighting and torture. This monster usually sets stuff on fire just for fun. Highly offensive monster. His weakness is water.

Name Origin: English. Sheep dog.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Beast.
Family: Nature Spirits.
Evolution: Hitsujimon + the Digiegg of Friendship.
Info: A carefree monster with laid back nature, Shedomon fights with physical power, though he'd rather spend good time napping than fighting. He has balanced attributes.

Name Origin: Finnish. Kakadu = cockatoo.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Cyborg.
Family: Wind Guardians, Metal Empire.
Evolution: Hitsujimon + the Digiegg of Love.
Info: This machine bird can fly surprisingly well, considering it's small wings, but it's so small it can't carry anyone else besides itself. Kakadumon is a gentleman who's always ready to help - if offered a good enough price, though. This digimon has high defense and stamina, and it's armored body is made out of Chrome Digizoid.

Name Origin: Finnish mythology. Pellervo was the god of fields and sowing.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Plant.
Family: Jungle Troopers, Virus Busters.
Evolution: Hitsujimon + the Digiegg of Sincerity/Purity.
Info: Pellermon is a digimon in the form of a straw goat and uses both his scythe Sadonkorjaaja (Harvester) and the powers of nature to fight. He has a good heart and helps people in need. Pellermon will never forgive anyone who harms nature. He lacks stamina and defence, but has remarkable attack and speed.

Name Origin: English. Flame. Bee.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Insect.
Family: Jungle Troopers, Wind Guardians.
Evolution: Hitsujimon + the Digiegg of Knowledge.
Info: This flaming firefly digimon likes to show off with his skills and is eager to battle, as well as a loudmouthed idiot. He has high offensive fire abilities and balanced attributes, so his bragging isn't all for nothing. He can't do anythign underwater, though.

Name Origin: English. Kelpie is a water spirit which takes the form of a horse.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Aquatic.
Family: Deep Savers.
Evolution: Hitsujimon + the Digiegg of Reliability/Faith.
Info: Kelpiemon always has a blank expression on his face and rarely speaks. When provoked, this digimon will fight till death, but otherwise it's pretty passive. Kelpiemon's hooves consist of solid water and are always surrounded by small aquatic aura. This speed-oriented digimon uses the water of it's environment to fight, and is stronger depending on the battleground.

Name Origin: Finnish. Oinas = ram.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Beast.
Family: Nature Spirits, Virus Busters.
Evolution: Hitsujimon + the Digiegg of Hope.
Info: Oinasmon is a grumpy hermit of a digimon and is as stubborn as a mule. He has a strong sense of justice, though, and will defenitely kick any evil-doer's tail. This monster has strong defense and offense, but it's pretty slow. Oinasmon can handle both close and ranged combat. He has thick, soft fur designed for mountain life.

Name Origin: English and Japanese. Van is a misspelling of vam, short for vampire. Shuryô = the hunt.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Holy Beast Man.
Family: Virus Busters, Nightmare Soldiers.
Evolution: Hitsujimon + the Digiegg of Light.
Info: Really serious digimon, VanShuryômon is a vampire hunter and lives only to bring an end to any demonic monster he sees. VanShuryômon doesn't trust strangers, especially viral digimon, and is very stubborn. Balanced attributes and Chrome Digizoid weaponry plus light-based attacks ensure this digimon is the most persistent pain in any dark digimon's ass.

Name Origin: Japanese. Kunai is a sort of a little knife.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Bewitching Beast.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers.
Evolution: Hitsujimon + the Digiegg of Kindness.
Info: Kunaimon is a mischevious prankster with weak body but inholds demonic powers and a huge knife, Nobunaga, which it uses to pierce it's opponents. He can fly through the skies when he sits on his sword. Kunaimon is nowhere near trustworthy, and this little rat only thinks of it's own good. A speed-oriented digimon with both close and ranged combat attacks.

Name Origin: Japanese. Unmei = fate.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Beast Warrior.
Family: Virus Busters, Nightmare Soldiers.
Evolution: Hitsujimon + the Digiegg of Miracles.
Info: Unmeimon is a viral digimon, yet he's marked as a holy monster. Unmeimon has a problematic personality and he doesn't like others at all. His shoulderpads have their own consciousness and often argue with each other and/or Unmeimon himself. This monster doesn't really enjoy his problematic job as a crusader, and is more like a mercenary, fining people from hsi help. Balanced attributes, flight ability, Gold Digizoid armor and ranged attacks with holy energy provide him almost ceartain victory whenever he feels like fighting.

Name Origin: Russian. Chyoort ( чёрт ) = devil.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Demon Man.
Family: Dark Area, Nightmare Soldiers.
Evolution: Hitsujimon + the Digiegg of Darkness.
Info: This digimon is a sadistic and mischevious monster who enjoys to torture others. Chyoormon controls the powers of shadows and has balanced attributes. It is said this digimon can disguise itself as a human, but there hasn't been any evidence of this. Cyoormon can also posses humans and other digimon if their mind is weak enough. This digimon never has good intentions on it's mind.
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