What if.....? Picture


what if....Ice Age was not the only one that got damage and lost is humanoid robot mode to survive on earth, and what if...he is not a Autobot.

He a huge Fucking Eagle, he may be the reason why people Centuries ago believe in something like the Roc.

there would be no way Ice Age would be able to stop this Decepticon terror on 13-15 Century, all he could do is try to warn the people or use the "OMG giant red deer, its the Demon in the shape of a Deer!!" to chase them out of the kingdom/town, but even that would only save a few but not all.

This Decepticon would also aim to destroy the Autobot even though he may fail to stop his terror, Ice Age is one lucky autobot to have escape him time from time.

its unsure what happen to this Huge Decepticon but he disappeared before the 15 Century ended, did Ice Age finally ended him? did he met his fate else where? or is he sleeping over the years?
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