Hathor ID Picture

I've jumped on the bandwagon and am making ID Cards for my army of Yu-Gi-Oh OCs in addition to my reference sheets I submitted a few weeks ago. Bare in mind I am still submitting a reference of Sekhmet whenever I get around to drawing her.

Yes, I know, Hathor's History is HUGE. However everything I put was relevant for the character. Everything that was put down was up until the end of Chapter One of my fanfiction The Corners of Time. In the image that would be her appearance around the ages of 17-18, but in the beginning of the actual story she is between 25-27.

Most of her story (as well as Sekhmets) is influenced by real Egyptian Mythology, including her design and personality. I've twisted some ideas around to make them work better with the Yu-Gi-Oh Universe, and the same with events that can be connected back to myths.

Connections to Myth
-Hathor's Colour was Turquoise. My Hathor's Eyes are Turquoise.
-Hathor had an Alter-Ego, Sekhmet. My Hathor was cursed with a Shadow Being named Sekhmet.
-Hathor was the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Dance. My Hathor is a Dancer and has a romantic storyline influenced by Fate and True Love [Hence the Shipping name; RedStringShipping]
-Hathor was given Ra's Power, becoming his "eye". My Hathor was given a gemstone from Atem with some of his power.

Also, the "Anger of Ra" Myth was a base for how the Curse of Sekhmet works. In myth Hathor would often switch into Sekhmet in order to defend a loved one but would lose control in a bloodthristy rage, in this case she changed to Sekhmet in order to kill those who threatened Ra and lost control.

The Curse of Sekhmet allows Sekhmet control of Hathor when her loved one becomes angry (or Hathor is in danger, or severely angry herself), but can't actually kill Hathor's loved one because of the light that is associated with love. Hence Sekhmet ends up defending the loved one. The severity of the loved ones anger results in the control of Sekhmet. Like in myth, as told in the History section, Hathor lost control and Sekhmet took over when Atem grew angry that he was being threatened. Sekhmet went and killed off those who were a threat, and the innocent who were in the way until Atem showed up and stopped her.

This is just some of the connections. Others haven't been completely figured out yet.

Also, Hikaru the Dragon of Light, is one of 6 OC Dragons I have created for the story. They are considered "Demi" Gods and take up the four Elements Fire, Earth, Water and Air as well as Light and Dark. Hikaru is a Healer like Hathor is since she is a White Mage. Sekhmet's Dragon is of Darkness, so like Sekhmet is of Destruction or War.

FULL VIEW to read it, and if you still can't read it go here: [link]

Other OC Cards
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