Not Mary Sue Picture

These guys do not get enough of my love. Really, I should pay more attention to them.

For those of you who aren't familiar with my older work, this is James Cooper and Jess Idres. Whooligans may recognize James as the bartender of the Bar that the Doctor gets his Banana Daquiris and Chocolate Monkeys from. Jess waitstaffs when she feels James is spending too much time in there, or when she knows its going to be a wacky day.

I have jokingly referred to them as my Mary Sue and Gary Stu, but there's a problem with calling them that.

One, they're not Fan Characters. Not by a long shot. Sure they pop into other universes and basically every fanfic I attempt to write as either secondary characters or cameos, but they started out and have mostly been based in their own universe. It's a lot like ours, but magic and mythology exists as closely guarded international secrets.

Two, while they may have started out as rather perfect people, apparently I'm a sadomasochist and keep giving them my flaws and fleshing their dysfunctionality out a bit too well. Yes, James is the son of an elder god, the only thing he really got out of the deal is some invulnerability, strength and maybe a bit of lycanthropy as well. He dislikes his dad for leaving his mother, and will usually only save the world if bribed. He gets his bloodlust from his mother, who's a diehard Man U fan, and loves to sleep in. Jess, (who shares my pen name because she evolved from my online persona 12 years ago) is a mage/witch, but is a bit insecure about her relationships, is rather distrusting, and fully admits to being a little bit off in the head. She's a bit unsure of the responsibility she's due to inherit and tends to do things by herself. Is jealous that James's guitar gets more care than she does.

Third, after seeing what far too many 'real' Mary Sues are like here on deviantart, I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than ever go there. They frighten me like nothing else- are people really that delusional? I'd never demand fan art of them (though I always love seeing people's view of them), I'd never have other people fall in love with them, and I'd never let the fate of the universe rest on their shoulders. I wouldn't trust them with it. Small problems, like reuniting Rose and the Doctor or kicking Carrot's rear, maybe. But that's about it.

Ok, maybe they are Mary Sues. But they are fun to mess around with.

And if you don't know who Dicky Barrett is, I feel sorry for you.
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