NSG - Chibi Sailor Winter Picture

Sailor : Sailor Winter
Name : Athropos
Planet : Earth
Age : 21 yrs old
Parents : Unknown
Princess : Princess Athropos
Eyes : Crystal Blue
Fav Color : Blue
Fav Food : Oranges
Least Fav Food : Spicy Food
Powers : Death & Ice
-----Offense : Ice Breath Wind
-----Defense : Icy Wall Burst
Likes : Making snow sculptures
Dislikes : When people takes the carrots on her snowmen and puts them "down there" ...

History : Athropos also was born in Greek religion and mythology. She had two siblings and were symbolised as the three fates of men. They were Clotho, who spun the web of life, Lachesis, who measured its length and she, who cut it. The were known as the fates of Human lives.

Athropos is the eldest of the Sailor Elements. She was chosen by the Earth Goddess because she was the wisest of the three because of her maturity and levelheadness. She was the only one who could take the right decision in the time of need. So turning the warm colors of Automn into their icy shades of white and blue.

Her temper was nothing to fool around with. One time, while on duty, the guardian of seas smacked her butt. Before he could even turn around and laugh, she had turned him into an icesicle. It took about 5 days to melt completely. And since the Sea Guardian had a big mouth, nobody ever challenged the Icy Touch of Princess Athropos.
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