Fredryk -OC- Picture

At last! Fredryk in all his non-crappy glory!

This is the first time I've really been sastisfied when drawing him. Eveything else was either a lame attempt, or a crappy sketch. It's probably my fav out of all my OC's thus far.

Lot's o' detail went into this, but the wierdest part is, I didn't spend 5 hours on the shading of his upper lip, I just kept drawing. Took me a little over 3 hours. Wasn't sure what his legs would be doing, so I made him run. :/

ANYWAIZ... back to business!

Name: Fredryk Valdi
Age: 16
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Birthday: Jun. 12th, 2062

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Hair Style: Loose and long with a ponytail in the back.
Eye color: Deep blue
Skin Color: Light tan
Abnormalities: Other than his eyes and skin going all crazy when using a forbidden power, no.
Accessories: Sometimes wears an old necklace
Clothing: Plain white t-shirt with khaki overalls, almost always wears his awesome jacket (I want it!), heavy duty shoes as well.

Personality: Was shy and timid once, but he obtained something that gave him confidence (EVIL confidence!), cares greatly for his friends and loved ones and would do anything to help them, shy towards strangers, a complete goof around females (doesn't matter what they are, except his sister), is rude and annoying toward those he dislikes, never really liked violence but something (EVIL!) changes that.

Abilities: Nothing special really... unless he's wearing a cursed ring known as "Andvaranaut" thought only to bring misfortune to those who wear it. Turns out it gives them super powers that get out of hand and lead to the pain and misfortune and what not. The ring also summons a fallen Valkyrie who's fate was intwined with it (can't tell you the story yet!).

Weapons: "Balmung", a magical sword, was said to be thrust into an oak tree, and whoever could pull it out would be victorious in battle.
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