The Sorceress Picture

Description: Following a traditional line of fantasy art, I´ve made this character with the typical concept class of a witch, a beautiful woman with a wicked heart, a sorceress with great power and knowledge in black arts and necromancy.
Also know as the sorceress of the frozen north.
The legends told many years ago a great army of brave men stood against her evil dominance, lead by a talented and highly skilled General alongside his must trusty captain. Both warriors fight fiercely on the top of the castle´s tower hide beneath windy mountains cloaked by the dark night.

No one can tell for sure what happened on that night, but many fates changed on that moment. Only one men barely survive the battle and some tales between the towns folk told that after defeated the sorceress of the frozen north, the general lose out his soul, reason now he wear an iron mask.
However the true is revealed by itself and the general and the witch both secretly remain in combined forces for solely one purpose, release destruction against the holy race of angels.

Being the witch the one that served the maleficent plans of the general, granting him hordes of demons and powers beyond comprehension for his purpose.

It took me almost 3 months to finish all the work, also intentionally i made reference to the mythological Greek character Pandora
Made by hand with pencil and ink the base line, then scanned and colored in photoshop using the mouse. <<Still require a lot of work on the color and some draw errors and maybe in proportions but i will do it with a graphic tablet when i have one>>
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