++ Where Will You Go ++ Picture

I still suck at photo manips. But I really liked the idea. It started off with the Fates from Greek Mythology. I had the oldest, the young, and the child. I didn't really find any crone pictures so I wanted to use the one in this manip. But then I found this stock photo of this hallway... which is actually two hallways cropped into one. After two hours, this is what I got. I'm sure if I learned more about manipulating, I'd take longer and get better pictures. It's hard to see here, but I played around with the eyes and the lips and the shading of the older woman. The biggest thing I did to her picture was change the hair a bit. It was free flowing down but I made it look a bit more like it was tied. For the girl, I did mostly shading and highlighting. I didn't want to make a drastic difference since I loved the way she was as she was.

Name from Evanescence's song Where Will You Go. The song doesn't fit, the title does.

Credit time!

The halls: The Hogwarts Cloister's Pano by *CausticStock

The younger: Witchy-poo by ~SilverBear-Photos

The Older: Rievaulx terraces Ind 5 by =Elandria
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