The Norns Picture

Acrylics on 14x18" canvas...

This is a painting of my take on the Norns of Germanic/Nordic mythology. If anyone doesn't know the myth, basically these three broads live at the base of Yggdrasil (tree of life) and take water from the Well of Fate to try and delay it's decaying. Their other job, the one depicted, is to decide the fate of men/gods. Urd on the right spinning the loom is the past, Verdandi overseeing the thread is the present, and Skuld (left) cutting the thread is the future. Death, basically.

I gave them a victorian goth look to modernize them. I wanted Skuld, who is supposed to be the youngest and prettiest, to look like Christina Ricci from Sleepy Hollow. I think that sort of came through a bit too much though, because she basically does look exactly like Christina Ricci from Sleepy Hollow with a Bride of Chuckie makeover. My boyfriend, who couldn't remember the names Urd, Verdandi and Skuld started referring to them as Christina Ricci, Liv Tyler and Kirsten Dunst. Sigh.
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