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Rose has the Flora Pathos ability which lets her unconsciously express her feelings through plants. Once when she was little she had a tantrum because someone was teasing her. Thorns shot up everywhere around them and the pokemon was severely injured with cuts. Since then she has struggled to stay calm, but the pokemon of Serenity River have never forgotten it and tried to avoid her. Only Ian was her real friend and would stay with her.

Fira's parents were killed when the tree house they lived in came crashing down while she was away. It's unknown what happened to her little sister Bella. So she is furious that Rose isn't being sent to live with her family. However she notes that they are not able to care for Rose being too cowardly to fight for her (or really don't want her) and that the entire council want's to get rid of Rose.

Yes that's Fira as a human illusion. According to Japanese mythology Kitsune (what Ninetales are based off of) had the ability to transform themselves into beautiful women. She also has no reflection or shadow being only an illusion as a human. Sometimes when Fira is by herself she turns human to remind herself of the past she had, but she loves being a pokemon.

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