Giratina Concept Picture

I hate Giratina's face now. I had no idea how to do it, but I did my best.

Anyway, since I don't know if I'll color this or not, how's about some insight?

During our discussions, ~sandragon13 and I covered the beginning of the Pokemon universe (I used the theories in the Arceus image), and we came to the conculsion that Giratina, despite popular belief, is not the Devil of the Pokemon World. In fact, we have him pegged as similar to Hades from Greek mythology and Anubis from Egyptian. He rules the afterlife as punishment for starting the fued between Kyorge and Groudon (that was the only thing I can think of that Arceus could have punished him for). Before he ruled over Life, and as things existed without Death, most of those created during his reign over Life were, and are still, immortal.
Ashamed of his banishment, Giratina hides himself from the world, along with the entrance to the Afterlife. As the world grew, Giratina's task of collecting the souls of the dead became much more complicated, and so he appointed a sect of Reapers, Dusknoir. However, there are souls that cannot be brought into the Afterlife due to their fates being tied to the world of the living in one way or another. The most profilic case being most Ghost Pokemon, and the ghost of the mother Marowak that haunted Lavendar Town.
Giratina has another underling in the Darkness Pokemon, Darkrai. Darkrai serves as a last resort for a soul that the Dusknoir cannot handle, and in return for his service, is allowed into the world of the living, where he delights in bringing humans and Pokemon alike Hellish nightmares.

Now I want to revisit Darkrai's design...
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