Sayuri san Picture

Sayuri, holding Kihana ("Flower of Life") which is her katana.

( Sayuri © Lady Susan CSL 2007 )

Sayuri is the main female protagonist from "Legend of Seasons" along with Tien, though she will only appear in cameos in the first part of the story.

She is from the "Dream Realm" and is a "Fate Keeper". The Fate Keepers are chosen beings with gifted powers, wielding special swords which can bring life or death. If you are familiar with Greek mythology, they are the equivalent of the Nornes. When a mortal is scheduled to die, they are those who cut the thread of his life and likewise, when a man is about to die when his fate should be to live, they are here to make sure this one being lives on.
The first rule of these "Fate Keepers" is, like their status says, to preserve "fate" or the main thread of the "Great Design". They are not allowed to use their powers to save or kill a mortal for personal reasons or beliefs, at the risk of breaking the equilibrium of said "Great Design".

Sayuri's emblem is the white lily, hence her first name (Sayuri meaning Lily flower) and her holding white lilies in her left hand.

She's my favourite character from the cast, along with Ayame who is soon to come.
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