The Nightmare Magician Picture

This creature is influenced by several characters from mythology. The staff is actually an Egyptian scepter. The skin resembles raptile's skin.

This creature haunts the nightmares of the ancient heroes. For every great warrior, who fought for the freedom of his people or for justice, was visited by a creature of horror. It is the way of fate - to test them. To bring their strenghts on the surface. Some fell to this magician, some resisted.

The mythology (any) often resembles the life outside your door. You know that shape and face... You see it every day, though it is dressed in a suit or smth like it.

The heroes resisted. We should too. The nightmares are over, once you embrace them.

I drew this without a reference.... dunno how I did this. The scepter however I drew with reference from a encyclopedia. Anyway... 'bout 5 hours altogether, but actually I begun drawing two weeks ago and finished today.

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