God of Sun Picture

My babybubbybuddy!!! <33333
I love my cat Simba with all my heart!
My bubby just turned 7 a few days ago!
I was there the day he was born <3

Funny story... I was originally supposed to keep Simba's brother. I took home three of the kittens - the boy I was supposed to keep and then simba and a female. My cousin was coming the next day to take home simba and the female. That one night I had the kittens at home Simba just stole my heart <3 He was perfect and we connected instantly. I'm not a religious person but Simba finding me was fate. He has saved me in so many ways <3 So my cousin took the other two kittens and I kept Simba.

I love you, bubby <3 <3 <3

Simba is my little prince and I'm so lucky to have him.


Photo (c) Me.
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