DBZ: Bad dog Picture

Sometimes nothing can beat a good sword. *cradles Argos Fitzgerald* I'm shattered after this, but needed the cheer up. It's not been a great day.

Saku Ookami wielding the sword Ten-Garm. From the Duel of Fates Dragon Ball Z RPG: [link]

Bio: A grave robber, archaeologist and unlikely leader of the Rebellion's Namek Quest mission. Reckless by nature, but always has a cunning plan in mind. Saku is also the sort who will push a button just to see what it will do and her shadow has been known to eat those who ignite her often volatile temper. Despite her seeming shallow nature, she is not a good enemy to make and never does a job by halves, sticking to any mission she embarks on. Will not stand for ignorant or weak-minded people. She has a great love of money and food (particularly rare steak) and a healthy ego, except when it comes to matters of the heart in which she is largely inexperienced. In addition, while Saku is a very social being, she only has a handful of people she is emotionally attached to, those currently being Reffinest Ginbokou, Jeice, Sayoko, Son Pan and General Caithion. Her weapon, like her race, is based on Norse mythology, specifically the hammer of Thor.

Her relationship with Jeice is, in a word, ridiculous. Saku made an enemy out of Jeice early on (who was at the time trying to make it as a galaxy famous bounty hunter) when she foiled his plans, continuously. Ultimately, they wind up grudgingly travelling with each other in the Rebellion.

Saku Ookami (c) me
DBZ (c) Akira Toriyama
Reference from Slayers Artbook
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