Oneroi and Hypnos Picture

I've decided to go through Doom's family by age. ;w;

This lovely pair of demi gods-turned hedgehogs are named Oneroi and Hypnos. Do any research on those names and you'll find out that they are the gods of "Dreams" and "Sleep" in Greek mythology, also born of Nyx in the same myth! ;D

...In fact, all of my OC's in Doom's family are named after gods that were born of the Greek goddess of night, Nyx. Heh...I do my research. *nerdy glasses-push up* I enjoyed Mythology class...;D

These two are the first pair of "twins", for lack of better word. What that basically means is that they were born on the same day. (Another example of this is Doom and Fate. ;w; We'll get to them later! XD)

Oneroi and Hypnos are inseparable! A rare sight to see in this family XDD; Oneroi is the girl, Hypnos is the boi.

Seven more hedgies, then original forms! Weeee~

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