Hades Squad Picture

More concept art from the sixth chapter of Tyrantis's Saga.

From left to right:
Tyrantis - the giant green t.rex. The story's hero, he is about the size of Showa Godzilla and is shown here just to give a sense of scale.

Stymphalian Bird- the big crow. Like all of the monsters on this page (save Tyrantis), the stymphalian bird was genetically engineered by an evil organization named Pantheon and named after a character from Greek Mythology. Unlike his mythological counterpart, the Stymphalian Bird cannot cut people with its dagger-like feathers, as it does not have dagger-like feathers. Pantheon isn't very mythologically acurrate. It does, though, have the same enhanced intellect and regenerative abilities of Tyrantis thanks to its benefactors. There are about twenty of these big crows in existence.

Cerberus- the big three headed wolf. One of Pantheon's more strong willed creations, Cerberus guards the final chamber in the tunnel to their underground lab. Like all of Pantheon's home made monsters, Cerberus was made by a corrupted strain of the same virus that made Tyrantis. In mythology Cerberus was a three headed dog (I made mine a wolf because they're cooler) that guarded the gates of the underworld.

Hades- the colossal vampire bat. Without Pantheon's mind control he would be relatively docile, but that did not stop the horrid organization from twisting him to their will. Hades is the lab's last resort weapon should Cerberus fail to guard the lab. In Mythology Hades was the god of the afterlife and subterranean world, which was also called Hades. Go figure.

Erinys- the deformed vulture. The three Erinys were made as prototypes for the Sirens (see the Poseidon squad), fusing human and bird DNA. If you look closely you'll see a more humanoid foot shape and face than the average buzzard. While not as blood thirsty as the sirens, the Erinys are incredibly morose and, when deprived of food, vicious. In greek mythology the Erinys or "Furies" were goddesses of vengeance with flying, demonic visages. As is often found with female greek monsters, they were a trio, which is why Pantheon made only three (it's true, too. There were three Furies, three Gorgons, three Gray Women, three Fates... it goes on and on!).

Achilles & Myrmidon - the ant-man and his giant ant buddy. I was watching "THEM" and felt an homage was in order (hell, I've already homaged to Godzilla, Beast from 2000 Fathoms, It Came from Beneath the Sea, King Kong, and Jurassic Park to name a few). The myrmidons are a colony of giant ants (with thicker legs than your average insect to handle the immense size change, as the virus can only do so much) led by Achilles, and half ant, half human monster. Few of Pantheon's projects showed their cruelty more than Achilles. In mythology Achilles and the myrmidons were warriors who traced their descent to ants that had been made into people, which was why they had great strength (plus Achilles was blessed by the Gods).
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