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This is Thunder Slayer, one of the main archenemies of Thunder Woman.

Invidia McCullough was descended from an Irish immigrant family that settled in Newport City. Her father was a hard-working small business owner with ambitions of wealth, but his efforts were constantly sabotaged by a petty wife and in-laws, who shifted all the blame for their poverty onto Invidia's father. She grew up in an environment where she was promised a life of wealth, power, and status, all of which were kept from her by petty, jealous people. Any word of encouragement or attempt to guide her toward a better life was muted by the ravings of her mother and grandparents, and so Invidia grew up bitter and jealous of others. It was this jealousy that drove her to seek an education, and she attended Newport University with the goal of attaining what had been denied her family. After graduation, she got a job as a secretary to one of the professors, but was kept from getting further in life by sexism and a simple lack of the skills needed to be truly successful.

For the adult Invidia, her natural jealousy and envy shifted onto two targets: superheroes, particularly Thunder Woman, and a young teacher at the university, Samantha West. They were both wildly successful, beautiful women, and the former possessed far more power than any human. To Invidia, this was unfair; no one deserved that kind of power, and the heroes, especially Thunder Woman, needed to be brought down to earth. Her perception of superheroes was one of condescension and haughty superiority, lording their gifts and unnatural beauty over the lowly "normals," while hiding behind self-righteous morality.

Hera, ever seeking a way to undo Samantha West and her alter-ego, saw an opportunity in Invidia; the perfect tool to use against Thunder Woman. But such jealousy needed a power to match it, and no ordinary power either. Through Vulcan, Hera was able to steal a thunderbolt, and in secret she approached Invidia, tempting her with the chance to be able to humiliate and bring Thunder Woman down to her level. Invidia instantly accepted this offer without even questioning who this strange woman was, and so Hera granted Invidia the power of the thunderbolt. Even more, she gave the jealous woman some of her own godly essence, as potent as Zeus', but augmented with power stolen from the Titans. To sweeten the deal, Hera had tasked Vulcan with creating a sword, and gave this weapon to Invidia. By uttering a word, she became a paragon of power equal to Thunder Woman, armed with divinely blessed sword that could harm even the gods themselves. Empowered, Invidia, now Thunder Slayer, was sent out to accomplish her task.

Not knowing who Thunder Woman was, Invidia lashed out, hoping to draw the heroine's attention. She attacked the University, causing much property damage. In particular, she menaced Samantha West and David Jacobs, ignorant of West's alternate identity or her relationship to the man. Using some teamwork and quick planning, David was able to distract Thunder Slayer, long enough to allow Samantha to transform into Thunder Woman. Her quarry present, Thunder Slayer engaged Thunder Woman in a viscious battle. To Samantha's surprise, Slayer was not only stronger than her, but exhibited many of the same powers as she did. On top of that, the sword Invidia wielded was seemingly indestructible, and could easily cut into Thunder Woman's godly body. Fatigued and injured by the blade, Thunder Woman proved to be easy prey for Thunder Slayer.

But Invidia didn't kill Thunder Woman, to Hera's chagrin. She wanted to beat Thunder Woman, to humble and humiliate her. Thunder Slayer beat Samantha within an inch of her life, and after the heroine fell unconscious, bound her to a makeshift pole and hung her in the middle of Newport City, for all to see. Almost immediately a panic ensued, further incited when Thunder Slayer turned her attention to all the other heroes, and went on a rampage, seeking revenge for slights both real and genuine. With power greater than even Thunder Woman, few heroes could match Invidia's wrath, and martial law was declared.

David Jacobs and the NPCPD Metahuman Response Unit were able to free Thunder Woman and nurse her back to health, the heroine's god-like physiology ensuring she would recover quickly, even from the beating Invidia gave her. By this point, Invidia had established herself as a quasi-dictator over the city, and demanded respect from the nations and other supervillains. She got none, inciting her wrath. This reaction gave Thunder Woman an idea, but she needed help.

She would find it in the most unlikely source of all: Helreginn, her other archrival. The German mad scientist found Invidia's superpowered tantrums to be a far greater impediment to his work than Thunder Woman's interference, and he was willing to put aside his rivalry with her in order to take down the Thunder Slayer. Samantha relunctantly agreed to this deal, and together they confronted Invidia. Using information based on observations by Helreginn, Thunder Woman taunted Invidia, attacking her ego in a brutal psychological attack of words. Infuriated, Thunder Slayer lost her composure, attacking her two opponents with insane fury. This gave Samantha the opening to steal the sword from Invidia, and with her distracted trying to get it back, Helreginn hit Thunder Slayer with a device designed to drain Thunder Woman's own power. It worked, and soon Thunder Slayer was powerless, her ego shattered.

However, things weren't over. Helreginn had designed his armor to interface with the device, intent on absorbing Thunder Slayer's power and taking it for his own. But Samantha was one step ahead of him, and destroyed the device even as he transferred some of the power to his armor, momentarily becoming Thunder Woman's. No longer contained, the divine energies flowed back into Invidia, and Helreginn, not wanting to risk a battle where the cards weren't stacked in his favor, teleported away.

Scientists were able to later reconstruct his device, using it to imprison Invidia at a special facility. This technology, however, would lead to a legacy, and Thunder Woman repeatedly encountered variations of it, either as weapons against her, or as part of schemes by various villains. In some ways, it was another victory on Helreginn's part, as he had created an invention that would forever frustrate his enemies, no matter who controlled it.

As for Invidia, she would on occassion escape, either through malfunction of the machines draining her power, incompetence of the guards, or outside assistance. Like her creator she would hound Thunder Woman, holding a grudge against her archenemy for eternity. Her embarrassment by Helreginn has also led to her holding a grudge against the supervillain, almost as much as against Thunder Woman, and she has on her times of freedom gone after him. She is not even above joining other supervillains if it involves getting back at either of her sworn enemies, but Invidia is not respected; she is considered an idiot and a loser who holds grudges too long and puts any plan at risk if it means getting a chance at revenge. However, few villains are willing to say this to her face, as while she is a loser, Thunder Slayer is also a very powerful loser, and some are willing to put up with her if it gives their alliance an edge.

Thunder Slayer recently learned of Thunder Woman's true identity and her relationship with David Jacobs, Herakles, and Zeus. She has repeatedly menaced David, even threatening him sexually as a jab against Samantha; so far, nothing permanent has happened, but a few close calls have made David wary of making love with Thunder Woman. Zeus and Herakles have been much more fortunate; the latter easily bested Invidia through shear skill in combat. As for the former, in a moment of sheer idiocy Thunder Slayer stormed Olympus, gunning for Zeus. In response, the king of the gods casually struck her down, sentencing her to have the same fate as Prometheus, chained to a rock while a vulture consumes her liver, only for it to regenerate and the process repeat all over again. Hera managed to free her creation, and for a while forced Invidia to serve her. Thunder Slayer gained independence again, and is currently on the loose, trying to rework her goals and come up with some new means of terrorizing Thunder Woman and those she loves and cares about...

Thunder Slayer is immensely powerful. She is already tougher and stronger than Thunder Woman, and wields the same electrical and weather based powers as her archrival. Furthermore, she wields a magical sword forged by Vulcan, made of adamantine metal and imbued with charms that allow it to cut through and even kill gods. This sword is imbued with its own energy; Invidia can channel powerful blasts through its blade, nullify other energies that touch it, and if deprived of its owner, the blade will deliver a shock of energy to anyone that touches it and fly back to Thunder Slayer's hand; however, these defenses are not foolproof, as Thunder Woman was able to overcome these spells with her own magical energies, admittedly only after having learned a painful lesson about what it could do during the first battle with Thunder Slayer.

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