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My Yu-Gi-Oh OC Psyche again. <3 Not much else to say there. (If anyone's curious about anything that's not listed on the picture - because, let's face it, there isn't much I wrote there - feel free. xD)

Edit: Hello, profile! 8D

Name: Psyche Halliwell
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: 30 December (Capricorn)
Blood Type: B
Favourite Food: Stuffed clam
Least Favourite Food: Milk
Likes: Film noir, photography, reading, classic/psychedelic rock, drumming, games of strategy, mysteries, psychological thrillers (as opposed to the ‘boring’ slash-and-hack movies that have taken over horror)
Deck: Spellcasters (for her brother), fiends and mythical creatures (for her namesake), and plenty of magic cards. Her favourite monster is the Witty Phantom, who is actually her ka, and she owns a red Black Magician Girl to match her brother’s Black Magician.

Physical Description: She’s got dark violet/indigo hair cut in a bob, with perpetually slitted blue-green eyes. She’s fairly tall and pale, with a thin, angular build, and accents her face with light lip-gloss and dramatic black eyeliner. Her normal outfit is an ash-gray trenchcoat with red buttons over a formfitting strapless mini-dress patterned in blue and violet diamonds, and black knee-high boots with blue and violet laces and chunky wine-red heels/platforms. She also wears red fingerless gloves, a blue choker with a red jewel in the centre, and a garter to match the choker. (And — shh! — she’s got a butterfly tattoo on the back of her left hand.)

Personality: Observant, intelligent, and determined to a fault, Psyche would make a perfect detective. She has to have a logical explanation for everything, and has the odd talent of being able to make logic out of complete nonsense. Also, she is quite stubborn, and once she has an idea, she doesn’t let it go unless someone manages to convince her that her logic is faulty. (This, of course, only works if her logic actually is faulty, and you have proof.) Logical, however, does not necessarily mean aloof. Though normally quiet, she can be downright fierce when need be, especially when it comes to matters of loyalty.

To sate her curiosity when she's not on a mission, she finds many ways to keep her mind busy, whether that be solving puzzles, reading, or taking something apart just to put it back together. It goes without saying that she has an eye for detail, and is just shy of compulsive in her neatness and organization sometimes. She is an expert strategist, though in matters of Duel Monsters she's still shaky at playing the game by its actual rules, as she learned it for cheating purposes.

However, she can lighten up when off-duty, so to speak. She has a certain passion for photography, an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of classic rock, and a collection of old Dick Tracy comic books. Her dabbling in the classic arts - particularly her interests in theatre and mythology - are things she jokingly blames on her brother. It is actually the latter that explains her tattoo (the Greek goddess Psyche was often depicted with butterfly wings), and the former pops up in unexpected parts of her life (her romantic situation has her relating herself to opera/musical heroine Aida at times). Her sense of humour is dry, and sarcasm is just another language she's fluent in. She's certainly been known to give the smart-aleck answer when asked a question, or alternatively to overanalyze the question to create a witty retort.

When first meeting people, she tends to underestimate their intelligence, and allow them to prove otherwise so she can be pleasantly surprised. The way she sees it, that way is better than assuming everyone is as smart as her, and being disappointed when she comes across idiots (or embarrassed when she says something and nobody understands her). But while many people at her intelligence level tend to be withdrawn, she is quietly confident in herself, if even a little immodest. If asked about that, however, she will probably also blame her brother for her eclectic, showy taste.

Background: She and her older brother had always been protective of each other. Though American by birth, they lived in Japan where their mother taught English and their father was a local performer. It was through colleagues of their father that the kids learned a dangerous lesson by example – looks meant everything, and disfigurement was a fate worse than death. Anyway, they pretty much took care of each other, and soon came up with plans to “make it big” — Pandora would be a performer as well, and Psyche his manager. To start, they began to study magic when she was just 6 years old and he 12. They worked over the years, and she clung even tighter to her big brother after their mother died.

Eventually, the dream did somewhat come to fruition: Not long after Psyche’s 15th birthday, the then-21-year-old Pandora was “discovered,” and his career as a professional magician took off. His agent suggested he take a stage name, and inspired by the major arcana of his tarot deck, he became “Arkana, Master of Magicians.”

Not yet old enough to manage anything, Psyche instead followed on tours as a techie, hiring a tutor for the school she was missing. All was well until that fateful night. It was okay, this escape trick was no problem, they’d done this a million times before, the box was perfectly safe… but it wasn’t secured enough, and she couldn’t tell, and the box collapsed and exploded…

Visibly shaken and more concerned for her big brother than ever, Psyche was nevertheless sent back home to stay with her father, to return to school and wait for Pandora to recover. She put herself to work finishing her last couple months of school and going through an investigation training course, hoping to be a private-eye or work for the police. Working and job-hopping did quite enough to keep her occupied, but when the one-year anniversary of the accident neared, and Pandora went missing, she suddenly had to put her training into high gear.

It didn't take her long to track him to the group known as the Rare Hunters, and so decided to infiltrate, getting an inside look at the group to know just what it was they were doing with her big brother. She was recruited as a strategist, giving the duelists clever ways to cheat - and with her vantage point to the authority and a way to watch over Pandora, this was exactly where she wanted to be. She was in a perfect place to gather information, and eventually to bring Malik down, the way he was bringing her brother and all these other vulnerable people down. But first she had to keep up the charade and get close to the higher-ups.

She didn't plan on growing close to Malik's second in command for real.

Note for those only familiar with dub names:
Black Magician Girl - Dark Magician Girl
Pandora - Arkana (as mentioned in bio)
Malik - Marik
Rishid - Odion

Eventual story notes:
-Angst – how is she going to save him if her loyalties are compromised?
-Eventually breaks down and reveals her original plan
-can’t bring herself to hurt them, but can’t abandon family either
-Some sort of potential atonement attempt on Malik's part?
-this requires sticking to a canon! dub-style shadow realm, manga-esque induced suicidal thoughts... what did he do, before it can be fixed! (Pan is alive, of course, but mental state has got to be shambled at this point)

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