Apple of Eris Picture

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She stood still, almost unnaturally still.. granted that all stillness for the goddess of chaos was anything but natural. It should be feared.

She was angry.

However anger didn’t seem to cover it, in her realm, the dark abyss and fog that consisted and was made up of her very being, her inner core. She stood, cape billowing softly, very gently in a slight breeze that came from the inner depths of the unknown.

Her face was expressionless, blood red eyes staring blankly down at the earth realm. At that… wedding… a wedding that neglected to invite her.

A sniff was heard as her nose twitched.

Obviously they had forgotten, was she not chaos? Should she not be feared?... no… no this would not do.

The corner of her lip quirked.

They needed a reminder of just how chaotic she could be.

It happened in an instant, the unpredictable, unsettling overall madness that made up Eris. The subtle little breeze turned into a full cast gale, tearing even more shards from her tattered cape, the howling of the wind mixed with her shrill cackling laugh. Eyes delighting in the sheer brilliance, the destructive power that she was going to unleash on these foolish mortals! Hair fraying out of control the dangerous toxic mist gathering at the hem of her dress.

“they think they are strong enough… think that they don’t need to fear chaos? That they are safe?” she giggled in delight bringing her hands together, curling them tightly pressing with all her might… yet a force of friction kept them apart, from this force came a small golden orb, glowing, lightening her maddening expression.

“their stronghold will fall… their walls will burn…. And chaos” she drifted off in a soft tone as the orb turned solid and took the form of an apple.

“will rule” she slurred before breaking off into an uncontrollable fit of laughter as an inscription engraved itself onto the apple, permanently sealing the fate of the stronghold that was Troy.

‘To The Fairest’

Eris, Goddess of Chaos holding the deadly golden apple which would bring the destruction of Troy.

I am quite happy with this result
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