TW Villains: Ares' Children Picture

These are the children of Ares, the Greek god of war. They go almost wherever he does, particularly during times of war.

From left to right they are:

1) Deimos, God of Terror
2) Enyo, Goddess of War
3) Phobos, God of Fear
4) Eris, Goddess of Chaos

Whereas Ares maintains himself as being strictly a living force of nature who happens to embody a particularly negative aspect of it, and as such is not truly villainous, his children have no such sense of restraint. When Thunder Woman attacked them during the South Ossetia War, the four children of the god viciously attacked her, and were it not for their father's intervention, may have killed her. It did not help that Thunder Woman, in spite of the beatdown, proved herself a very real physical threat to each individual godling, only defeated by their numbers and coordination. As a result, they all have either held grudges against Samantha, or see her as a plaything to toy with.

Deimos is a shapeshifter, an entity who embodies the nightmares and terrors that lurk in the human mind. He has persistently attempted to exploit and manifest her deepest, darkest nightmares and dreads, to mixed results. Though he successfully helped engineer the events that resulted in Thunder Woman's imprisonment, her spirit has been able to defeat the monstrosities her sends against her, and best the god in direct combat, no matter what form he assumes.

Out of all Ares progeny, Enyo takes after her father the most. As the goddess of war she too possesses vast skill in combat, as well as beyond human physical capabilities. Unlike her father, she is a berserker who will fly into raging madness on a whim, her battlelust making even her father wince. This temper is also her weakness, as in spite of her skill she does not plan her moves very far, and as a result can be lured into unfavorable positions or traps. In combat, she wields weapons like axes, maces, and bladed chains.

Phobos, the God of Fear, focuses less on the nightmares and terrors that Deimos specializes in, and more on phobias and self-doubts. He is the least combat oriented of the children, but his exploitation of subconscious doubts and fears allows him to stop foes in their tracks without making a single move. Thus, he relies on deception, guile, and illusions to make his foes defeat themselves, and any soldier that runs from battle is a victim of Phobos. Along with Deimos he pursued a vendetta against Thunder Woman, exploiting her fears and doubts to bring her down. However, she eventually overcame this depression with the help of the Iranian hero and guru Mazda.

Eris is a malevolent witch who sows discord and chaos, who thrives on the misfortune of others. Like Phobos she is not the combatant that her sister Enyo is, though she can wield a trident or scythe with skill, but instead a manipulator. But rather than directly prey on her victims, she manipulates probability and fate, using the environment to attack her victims, causing them to fumble, forget something important when they need it most, or cause devices and powers to stop working at the worst time. She assisted Phobos and Deimos in pursuing a vendetta against Thunder Woman, in an attempt to bring her down low and humiliate her, but thanks to Mazda, Samantha overcame their plot, and personally defeated Eris, even after the goddess disabled her powers with her chaotic magics.

After this debacle, Ares has forbidden his children from interfering with Thunder Woman, though if given the chance, they will be more than happy to try and tear Samantha a new one once more.

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