BoundNotByTime Picture

There are different people in this world, little one.
Those like them, who are waiting foolishly, living their lives until their time runs out.
And then there are those of us, bound not by time...

~Morta, being told by *PRESUMABLY* Chronos about being a God.

I was working on Morta's, the girl in the picture, story. She is the oldest of the three fates, existing for hundreds of years now. At first, she was not a God, but just a girl with the gift of seeing the future. When Hades summoned her to Hell, he was furious when she told him his future of failing to overtake Olympus. Chronos saved the little girl, reversing time on her wounds and explaining that she was not mortal, but a God, blah blah blah.
It's really cool, anyway.

So, yeah. I totally just whipped this off in two hours, so it looks pretty good considering how little time I spent on it. :3

Oh, and in case anyone doesn't know about the fates(I doubt this highly, buuuut...), she is holding the string of someone's life in her hand, after cutting and ending said persons life. Ta daaaa.
She was originally supposed to have grey-silver hair, but it turned kinda rust colored when I was drawing it...I like it better this way. :3
Font- Achilles, [link]
Background- [link]
Character- Mine
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