THE WORLD TREE: Yggdrasil Picture

FINALLY SHE SHOWS HERSELF! The Great Cosmic Tree so much mentioned in descriptions of the characters of Titanic Mythology. But what it really is?

* Yggdrasil (The true meaning in the Ancient Language - Titanis - her name is still a mystery, as in Old Norse means "Odin's Horse" as Yggr was one of the names of the Allfather) is a colossal ash tree, larger than anything that exists in your dimensional plane, making even the largest of the Cosmic Dragons seem a paltry moth. Its branches are filled with evergreen leaves, glittering like emeralds attached to the giant branches, where they inhabit tiny beings as large golden bee hives near the lower branches, interdimensional butterflies - they constantly change the color of the kaleidoscope-like transparent wings - or even metal scale lizards, the size of seagulls that prey on insects. Around the Tree of Life, shine gleaming mist energy, like an eternal Northern Lights, like their roots covered with a dull and bright greenish fog. In its topmost branches, two of the Twelve Kingdoms which are sustained - Asgard and Erkeengard - are living some large beings. Sitting among the highest branches is Nehalennia, the stunning and colossal daughter of Vormund, the Cosmic Titan of Light, chosen to be the Eternal Guardian of Yggdrasill, almost like Ultimate Valkyrie, hiding among the last leaves of the tree, often to lie down on the branches below. Along her closer to the canopy, are the eternal and fleeting observers: The griffin Aar, about the size of a mammoth, which takes on his forehead the hawk Vidófnir, which serves as a messenger between the great ash tree canopy.

In more intermediate branches holding the Kingdoms of Vanaheim, Niflheim and Ljusalfheim live four deer: Dain, the Elk, sent by the Northern and Southern Elves; Dvallin, the Fallow Deer, sent by Dwarves and Trolls; Duneyrr the Deer, sent by Aquilans and Gnolls, and Durathor the Stag, sent by the Orcs and Drows. The deer feed on the dew and leaves and fruits of the tree, being regarded as a sigh of each of these people among the low branches. The fruits of Yggdrasil usually grow in that area of ​​the tree canopy, looking small berries that shine and change color, that has legendarily healing powers for any sickness, as well as its beautiful flowers, which are usually born in clusters, whose tones depend on where they are, the more clear and bright as they go up.

In the trunk of Yggdrasil, the Kingdoms of Midgard and Nidavellir's runes are nailed to the twisted-looking wood - well as those of other kingdoms float on the leaves are or shining between the fog and the roots. From the tree trunk and canopy, where there are Grüntilgard and Jotunheim, born the three rivers: At west, down towards Svartalfheim, is Urðarbrunnr, the Fountain of the Norns, of bright and blue waters, that opens into a small lake surrounded by a small forest of birches and alders, where the Ladies of Destiny weaves the lives of all mortal and immortal creatures, and rule Fate and Chance, which nearly destroyed the entire known reality; Flowing to east of the tree toward the root covering Muspelheim, is the greenish Mímisbrunnr, the Fountain of Mimir, the Troll Shaman, the Most Wise of the Wise , Guardian of the Runes and Protector of the Waters, surrounded by a stone well in the middle of a swamp, and amid the tree down to Helheim, Asgard's opposite Kingdom, is Hvergelmir, The Oldest of the Waters, being a huge fountain of almost transparent water, which becomes turbid before emptying into the Gjoll river, which flows through the Realm of the Dead to the well Nastrond, where live scavenger reptiles and the Dragon of Death, Nidhoggr, the Devourer of Corpses, well stuck to the bottom of the well with a very large chain, sending insults for the the gryphon Aar by intermediate of the messenger Ratatoskr, The Squirrel, "son" of Olympians Artemis and Hermes, which sends messages and deliveries throughout Yggdrasil, almost as fast as Sleipnir, Odin's steed , faster than any creature from any Mortals and Immortals Plans.

Around the Tree, amid the eternal aurora borealis immersed in the darkness of Void Wall - that separates the dimensions so there is no collapse - fly large beams of energy, as if they were fast metal-colored comets. They are the Valkyries. Thousands of them, protecting the Tree's surroundings and interior from servants of Chaos. However, they are weak compared to the Freyja's Valkyries, which protect each of the kingdoms along with a century of weaker sisters, but yet undaunted, and their sisters residents within each kingdom, seeking the fallen warriors in battle - whatever it is - after fighting with honor and determination to go to the halls of Valhalla or Folkvang, and also those who die - except in Midgard - of natural causes, murder or ignominiously, for the Kingdom of Helheim, where they will be welcomed with love and affection or severe punishments.

The Great Tree has been the theater of all the events in our reality - after all, it IS our reality - except for the Cosmic Titans events, older than everything. Literally in the Tree, occurred the Odin's Journey, where He self-immolated for wisdom of the Runes and of the Sage Mimir, giving his eye to the troll and hanging up in the branches crossed by a spear and hanged. It only firmed his recognition as Great Shaman, always in the eternal quest for knowledge.

Amidst all of the tree structure, reside the Twelve Kingdoms, each represented by a brilliant Rune and a Freyja's Valkyrie and her century. They are:

* Asgard, the Kingdom of Life, inhabited by the Asgardians and meet the most varied councils, as the Pantheons Great Council and the Council of Twenty-Three Swords. Represented by Golden Rune Gebo - Gift - and protected by century of Brynhildr, the Human, the Armed for the Battle

* Helheim, the Kingdom of the Dead, where the Draugr and Duergr - Migrants from Nidavellir - live and where will go those who die do not die honorably in battle - Of all the kingdoms except for Midgard. Represented by the Grey Rune Hagalaz - Hail - and protected by the century of Svana, the Draug, the Shaker.

* Ljusalfheim, The Kingdom of the Light where the Elves, Drekkans and Devas live, represented by the White Rune Sowilo - Sun - and protected by the century of Mist, the Elf, the Cloud.

* Svartalfheim, the Kingdom of the Shadows, where inhabit the Drows, Orcs, Driders and Skharobs. Represented by the Purple Rune Eihaz - Yew - and is protected by the century of Gunnr the Drow, The Spear-Lady

* Erkeengard, The Kingdom of Mysticism where reside the magnificent Aquilans, the Gnolls, the cruel Kutulus and Nagas and the impassive Rakshasas. It is represented by the Silver Rune Laguz - Water - and protected by the century of Skeggjold, the Drekkan, the War Axe.

* Grüntilgard, The Kingdom of Reason where reside the three Gnomish Clans - the Clurichauns, Leprechauns and Kvinnas - and the primitive Troglodytes, being represented by the Orange Rune Berkana - Growth - and protected by the century of Prour, the Orc, the Mighty One.

* Jotunheim, The Kingdom of the Giants where - obviously - the Risar (Stone Giants), the Trädet, the Bären clans and the Maseuton live. It is represented by the Bronze Rune Isa - Ice - and protected by the century of Kara, the Troll, the Brave.

* Nidavellir, the Kingdom of the Dwarves where do the Four Dwarven Clans, Trolls and Goblins, represented by the Amber Rune Fehu - Wealth - and protected by century of Hildr, the Dwarf, the Battler.

* Niflheim, The Kingdom of the Eternal Ice inhabited by the Ulvens, Hvalros and where migrated the Jötun (Frost Giants). It is represented by the Sapphire Rune Nauthiz - Need - and protected by century of Göndul, the Ulven, the Wand-wielder.

* Muspelheim, The Kingdom of the Eternal Fire inhabited by the Balrrûgs (Fire Ogres) and before by the evil Formorians. Represented by the Flaming Rune Dagaz - Day - and protected by century of Hlokk, the Balrrûg, the Thunderous.

* Midgard, The Kingdom of Order, probably one of the most vast kingdoms, inhabited only on Earth by the Humans, Gorillas, Orangutans, Ogres, Ixionids - Hippocentaurs, Onocentaurs, Bucentaurs - Rhinotaurs, the Merpeople - Sirens, Selkies, Merrows - and Djinns without include the countless planets scattered across Universe - including the Allied Saurians and Baijiorcans. It is represented by the Emerald Rune Jera - Harvest - and is protected by the century of the deceased Reginleif, the Human, the Gift of the Gods.

* Vanaheim, The Kingdom of Chaos, where once inhabited the Vanir, who became the feared Adlet (Vampires), represented by the Blackened Rune Ingwaz - Seed - and is "protected" - or watched - by the century of Sigrdrifa, the Human, the Victory-urger.
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