OLD: Mythos - The Zine 1 Picture

This baby was my final project for my multimedia class at Towson. As you all know I'm kinda a greek mythology junkie (not as much anymore though...) But I had this whole vision in my head on how I would post an online zine that illustrated greek stories. I believe this was done when Macromedia still had Flash. There is a long list of problems including the pixelated figures, awkward navigation, and the unattractive and boring backgrounds.

On the home page we have the Fates, erm I have no idea but I am missing the thread (of life) that they are each examining.
If you roll over near each of the fates you can click to three separate stories: Cupid & Psyche, The Abduction of Persephone, and The Death of Medusa. Once you click on one of the stories, it takes you to the characters page for that story. From there you can select the story to read on the top right corner. If you roll over on each of the images, some primitive looping animation occurs.

In the end my vision with the execution didn't go hand in hand. It was able to serve it's purpose for my class but I was left unsatisfied and frustrated. I never really was able to fully grasp Flash but now that I found this, I am willing to tackle this again and revamp it. And hopefully with some help I will be able to bring exactly what I had in mind to fruition.

Any critiques, ideas, or comments are greatly appreciated. Keep in mind this project was completed on 12-15-06!

© Eric Guerrero

*Edit: So there is a problem, the stories don't show up and I remember my teacher saying that the text file has to be in the same folder as the swf file...does anyone know how to upload that here on DA? Well you get the point, the text would show up in the blank box.
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