Cartoons of the Gods Picture

You are looking at an idea that I sketched out over two years ago, and never did anything with. Maybe I thought people wouldn't get it, but you guys are a smart bunch. As a teenager I watched "Clash of the Titans" where the gods of Olympus would use clay images of people to decide their fate. I then was afraid that the Simpsons fans would think I was putting them down; nothing could be further from the truth, as I just really enjoy combining the two cartoons. Kind of frightening to think of Zeus as a forgetful old man with false teeth. Leela looks fantastic as Athena, as does Amy as Aphrodite. Fry was the natural as Hermes (you mean I'm a delivery boy up here? Woo-hoo!). Zoidy is Poseidon, and Bender rounds the bunch up as Ares, the god of war (Death to humans!). I happily dug out Disney's "Hercules" for ideas on this project.

BTW, this is the first official unveiling of my latest logo design. Also, check out who the Goddess of Efficiency would be [link]
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