Fated Picture

A newer oekaki I was testing out some new styles with. I really like the complex simplicity of her hair.

This one's an illustration I guess for a story that I will one day never finish. Here's a short and sweet of their part of it.

The boy's name is Raziel, that's his true name though he often goes by others. He's a knight, a paladin of sorts and the woman is his Lady. Her true name is forgotten so Raziel just calls her his Lady. She is a goddess, or rather The Goddess of this complex mythology. No picture could ever do her beauty justice, there are not words to measure her grace (so I left her fairly stylized in the picture). She has a more or less maternal relationship with him if not matriarchial. She is distant and cool (she's not looking at him) but always compassionate (she's touching him gently, half holding him). Raziel is much more emotional with passions from love to hate and everything in between that often border on something masochistic (He clutches her tightly and leans into her hand with an almost pained expression). He is a half elf, an especially tortured one, with tragic and often violent tendancies (hence the bandages and blood). She saved him once long ago and many times since. She pulled him from the depths of a dark sea at the end of a war he'd started in his father's name because of a cursed sword and a promise to the dark itself (the yellow cord on his belt is a reminder of that promise and what it cost him). She saved him from that darkness and put upon his chest Her mark (that faint circularish tattoo looking thing) and claimed him as Her champion, returning his father's royal sword (the sword on his belt is his father's, the cursed sword is black and gold). He has served Her ever since.
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