The Fate Of Argus Picture

~The Fate Of Argus~

In Greek Mythology, Argus was a giant with 100 eyes. Since he never shut more than a couple of his eyes at any one time, this made him an excellent watchman.

Hera set him the task of guarding a white heifer, which she suspected was really the nymph Io, her husband Zeus was seeing (and had attempted to hide by changing her shape). Zeus was not particularly happy about this and sent Hermes to rescue her.

Hermes managed to lull the giant completely to sleep by playing soothing melodies on his flute. As the last of the eyes closed, Hermes killed Argus. When Hera found the dead watchman, she paid tribute to him by placing his eyes into the tail of her favorite peacock. And that is why peacocks carry the pattern of eyes in their tails even today
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