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This is the legend of Pegasus, the winged white stallion bred from the love of Poseidon, God of the sea, for the beautiful, yet ill-fated virgin, Medusa, caretaker of Athena's temple.

Poseidon, so taken with Medusa's beauty, seduced her within the walls of Athena's temple. Angered by this offense, Athena, unable to punish Poseidon, turned her vengeance on Medusa and transformed her into a horrible monster with serpents for hair and a face so gruesome that the sight of it turned any living creature to stone. She was sent to the isle of the Gorgons to isolate her from the rest of the world.

The Greek Hero Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae, was sent to decapitate Medusa. He accomplished this by reflecting her image in his mirrored shield, thus never looking directly at her, and with one stroke of his sword, cut off Medusa's head. Out of Medusa's severed neck Pegasus was born. Pegasus then flew to Mount Helicon where the nine Muses found and cared for the winged equine. Pegasus was the most beautiful creature that the Ancient World had seen.

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