The Three Graces Picture

The Three Graces - in Greek & Roman Mythology (sometimes known as the Gratiae) are any number of a selection of Goddesses inspired by notions of Beauty, Charity, Inspiration, Creativity, Beauty, Truth, Charm, Nature, Fertility, etc. I've portrayed three Graces here in my painting as three beautiful nymphs - each heralding a different season as well. LOVE this painting! It debuted at Dragon*Con 2011, but was snapped up by Pop Gallery in Downtown Disney West Side® in Walt Disney World Resort® here in Florida - you can see the original there now, as well as the Limited Edition Gallery Canvases which are EXCLUSIVE to the gallery! My own original acrylic painting, painted on a wood/masonite panel. ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith - prints are available at [link] and [link]
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