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I'v always been interested in Greek mythology and it has inspired me alot and influenced many of my ideas, so this is my own interpretation of the Three Sisters Of Fate.

The Three Sisters Of Fate were the personifications of destiny, according to Greek myth otherwise known as the Apportioners. The three of them together played a role in shaping the destiny of each human being.

The First sister is Clotho-Who spun the thread of life onto her spindle. [link]

The Second sister is Lachesis-Who measured the length of the thread of life with her rod. [link]

The Third and final sister is Atropos-Who cut the thread of life with her shears and each time she cut a thread of life a person on earth died.She often chose the manner of a persons death. [link]

I'l let you guys figure out the meaning of my interpretations XD

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