Wyrd Picture

"You will be each other’s doom. The younger one for the older in white, and the older one for the younger in red. Such is wyrd, your fate."
[quite lose translation of three sentences in my drafts]

The wall of small paintings does not stop.

For once, this is part of an actual scene of one of my stories. The very first scene to be specific, with a still very young Lufienne. At first, I wanted it to be a bigger painting with more people in it, but I like the "one single dramatic comic panel" feeling.
Most of the time, I’m too chicken to paint any scenes because I ought to actually write the stuff first, but I enjoyed this so much that I can’t understand why I put it off for so long. So there’s more to come. Sooner or later.

Music suggestion is… difficult. For some reason I listened most to Étáin by Leaves’ Eyes, but that’s about the girl from Irish mythology and has nothing to do with this painting. I'd suggest Lullaby by Loreena McKennit, and A Girl’s Oath by Eluveitie. If only I knew what the latter is about, because the booklet doesn’t give a translation… (anybody up for Gaulish here?)

Watercolour and bits of white acrylics. And correction fluid rain drops…

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