Unlikely Ally Picture

The image of this winged demon wolf actually came to me in a dream I had.
His name was Zakoiya Daos and he was a vicious, arrogant and vain demon who devored humans, needlessly wrecked havoc among villages and temples and was even so bold as to mock the gods.
Eventually he was captured by a powerful group of sages who brought him before the gods for judgement.
As punishment for his crimes his powers were sealed away and he was imprisoned in a tomb, deep inside a dark cavern, far from the open skies he loved so much. The terms of his imprisonment were that only a helpless but sincere human could set him free, but only of their own will. And, in order to teach him humility, he would be bound to serve that human until the mortal's death. This cycle would continue until Zakoiya had served and protected humanity for at least 100,000 years. During this time, he could only use his powers if it was for the purpose of aiding his human ally.
The manacle on his front left paw is a symbol of humility. Only when he has truly repented for his wicked deeds and learned to be humble will it vanish. The more stubborn or resentful he becomes the tighter his bonds grow, causing him great pain.
This is why only a powerless human with sincere and selfless intentions can set him free from his cavern prison. Only a weak and unselfish mortal, someone so opposite from himself, can show him how to find value in all life.

Once he is set free he doesn't just follow the human every which way though, that would be too much freedom. Once freed he can only be summoned if you call out his name. But once he is no longer needed, the power of his chained manacle sends him back into his cavern prison.
However, as his heart starts to lessen itself of hate and self pity, his bonds loosen and the magic allows him slightly more freedom later on, but his freedom extends only within a certain radius of the human he's serving.

With each human life he serves his heart softens ever so slightly, and as he watches them and starts to see things through their eyes he slowly starts to regret his former ways, and in return he is just as slowly granted more of his power back, including, much later on, the ability to take human form.
Under no circumstances is he a "servant." He is a protector and an ally against cruelty, injustice and violence against the innocent. No corrupt human is able to free him, (that would defeat the purpose of his punishment, wouldn't it?) the bond that he shares with his human ally is key to his reform.
Most importantly, and much to his frustration, under no circumstances is he ever allowed to take a human life, no matter how tainted their soul may be.

Sorry for the long character description but this has always been a strong character in my dreams (he's appeared in more than one)

One final note;
Even after serving countless human masters, many who grew to be great heros and came from all walks of life, from the very young to over the hill, wealthy (but charitable) to owning nothing but the clothes on their back, he still hadn't learned true humility and still didn't quite understand the concept the gods had wanted him to learn the most; that every life is precious. (does that include the things you have to kill to eat? Yes it does. You can eat it but still respect it.) Even worse was that he was at the end of his sentence... Only one more human life cycle to serve and his sentence of 100,000 years would be complete.
HOWEVER, if his heart did not prove to have undergone a complete transformation by the god's standards, then he would pay the ultimate price; oblivion. A fate far worse than death, it is the the very erasure of one's soul- no afterlife, no reincarnation, the total eradication of existance- Something even a demon fears.
His final Human ally to set him free was a naive but brave young woman, fighting against tyranny and in great danger after learning about an undercover operation (she saw more than she should have). She stumbled accross zakoiya's prison quite by accident and didn't even know what she was getting into, (all she knew was that there were assasins at her heel and some carvings on a cavern wall, written in every language known to man) said something about the helpless summoning the ally zakoiya, which she summed up to mean, need help? Call Zakoiya. So she called out his name just as the assasins hands were on her throat and then found herself at the feet of a very large, (standing normally on all fours, the top of his head comes to about 5 feet) pitch black wolf with feathered wings and yellow eyes that glow in even the darkest of shadows. (there's a quick heart attack)

What makes this unique is that Zakoiya was imprision many many centuries ago- back when humans still lived day to day in worship of the many gods the mystical and magical was not myth but an everyday fact of life. Women did not go wandering into deep dark caves (they stayed home, cleaned house, obeyed their master-I mean, husbands, and made babies.) The years between each human ally were sometimes far apart, even decades, and each time Zakoiya was astounded at the modern marvels human progress has made as they grew farther apart from the gods they once knew... And this was the very firt FEMALE human who had ever set him free... even more peculiar, she wore PANTS! (had the world gone mad?)

But through this one human alone, Zakoiya learned more about kindness, preserverance, and more about the human will to live than he ever knew existed. For the first time, he paid no mind to the fact that he was a prisoner, and counted himself blessed to have a friend.
But with friendship comes the price of heartache.
While doing his duty and fighting along her side against violence against a small town under tyranny, he failed to protect his human ally. Despite all his demonic power and strength he was unable to save the life of the human he had grown to respect and care for the most. He finally understood what it meant to be helpless, to truly feel loss, he had finally felt love. For the first time in his long and nearly immortal life, the mighty demon wolf wept.
His pain over the loss of such a small mortal life was proof enough to the gods that Zakoiya had reformed and thus he was granted his freedom and the full use of his powers once more.
But having been a prisoner so long Zakoiya didn't know what to do with his freedom. Finally free to walk the earth as he pleased he felt an incredible lonliness even greater than what he felt sealed away in the dark abyss of his cavern tomb. He could now do and have anything, but there was only one thing he wanted.
It would take many years of waiting and searching, but he would follow the human girl through each of her new reincarnations, even if she had no memory of him, her company would be enough, he was willing to start over as many times as he could. He would continue to protect her and remain at her side... and never again would he take a human life.
Through discovery of humility, he found something worth living for.

I made this wolf doll using the generator found on this link:


Thank you wyndbain for creating this generator!
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