Caster becoming the Mask Picture

This feature Caster from Fate series putting on the mask, transforming, and showing the new Caster with the personality of original, but very little of his inhibitions removed, having more control over their actions when under the influence of the Mask and even have all the memories of when she was using the Mask intact. Here is the explanation for you to understand:

PS: After the events of Fate / hollow ataraxia, Caster began reading books on European mythology to learn more about the magic in these times, only to discover on the Mask of Loki (about their powers from the god of pranks and also about the known collateral effects), after seeing some of the girls of Fate would use her and saw what happened to them while they were on the effects of the Mask, Caster was a risky idea to try not to have a lot of side effects on her using the Mask. She use in itself, the Rule Breaker to break the rule of losing inhibitions in exchange for the powers of the Mask during the transformation. And so she manage to get most of the time, take control of your actions while using the mask, but it starts to behave in an adolescent student (as opposed to an exemplary wife home).

Effect of Rule Breaker based on anime version

Link of the idea for the masked version of the outfit: [link]

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