The "Gunn" Picture

Alright, finally finished this after getting around to working on it.

This will be the profile of Aedan.

Aedan is a "Gunn" a dark kind of Valkyrie who, instead of collecting the souls of the fallen warriors who died a valiant and noble death, collects the souls of the wicked, deceitful, and treacherous tricksters. Everybody who died dishonorably or did a treacherous deed, he collects for the day of Ragnarök, the great war and day of Apocalypse. Instead of bringing the fallen to Odin and Freir (Odin's wife), he takes the souls to Hel, goddess of the Underworld of Niffleim, and awaits the day of dawning to unleash this army to fight on the side of Loki, the great deceiver.

He does not care for the fate of humankind or the gods, as he is born of the flame, and will remain with the flame, till the end of time. Should the flames vanish, his existance will seize to exist. Funny enough, he was created in Hel's world, which is mostly made of eternal winter. He only listens to the commands of either Hel or Loki, since he recognizes them as masters.

Emotionally Aedan is blank, he does not feel as others might do, and will not hesitate to destroy unfit souls if they turn out to be not satisfactory.

The wolf in this sketch is his mount, as the Valkyries charge on their gleaming horses of sunlight over the battlefields, Aedan will roam the fields and cities at night on his abnormally large wolf. It is almost as tall as a regular horse, but twice as strong, as it is lean and muscular. (It does not fight though, it is only concerned for the safety of its' master)

Though he does not use weapons, he by no means is defenseless, he can create flames at will and shape them to weapons if he so wishes.

He was created by Loki and Hel, and will only listen to their commands, none other's.

-if there is anything you would like to know, please tell me-

artist's comment:

8D finally! got round to doing this, and of course I am immediately launching him into a contest xD;;
ANYWAY! If you doubt the things I have written there, I admit that I changed some parts to fit better to him (and make it a bit darker), but the majority is accurate, as I stumbled across these facts. :3

- "Gunn" is an alternate name for the Valkyries, I made up the darker version.
- Valkyries used to ride on wolves D;

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