Strings of Fate Villains Picture

There! I finally finished the last of the character designs for the villains in my .hack fan-comic! FINALLY! It took bleepin' forever!!!

Alright, in order from left to right their names are: Laurel, Acteon, Io, Arachne, Tithonus, and Echo.

In case you didn't guess, their all from Greek mythology. look up, I think you'll find something in common with all of them.

Oh yeah, an just so ya know, Arachne's the leader. And here's something suprising: while I was working the plot out during my calculus class, a revelation struck me! Arachne and Io are gay. Suprising, ne? Damn... I'm seeing yuri in my own original characters... I guess I'm a fangirl through and through, ne?
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